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The only redeeming thing about faking it  is that it’s a show about with lgbtq+ characters and it isn’t about their struggle and how difficult life is. Almost every lgbtq+ film or movie makes it a point to show the characters suffering because of their sexuality, and it gets to a point where the characters are miserable because of it. There are little to no just for laughs romantic comedies (the only two I can think of are gross stereotypes) Although mtv could’ve done a lot better, it’s a start, no?

Other then that there are so many issues I have with this show. 


Made these a few times within the past week. It’s been a healthy weight watchers snack. 2 points per 5 strawberries. I hollow out the strawberries, after washing of course, and fill with one triangle of laughing cow cream cheese. I do this with a zip lock baggie and cutting off the tip, like decorating a cake. I have been using the cinnamon kind of cheese but any works! After filling all your strawberries you dip them in Graham crackers. I only need to use one half of a cracker on mine. I also use chocolate because they are less points than honey or cinnamon. Enjoy! :)


josh peck is literally my favorite person



Doug Jones (ex contortionist, now actor) is on the castlist for the film ‘Crimson Peak' out in 2015 (with Tom Hiddleston, Jim Beaver in it etc.), and his part on IMDb currently has no name..guys, that can only mean one thing-


I mean, this guy is the Johnny Depp of mythical creatures, he’s been in everything and is rarely appreciated

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